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Mac Repair

We have decades of experience working with all types of Apple computers, from Power Macs to MacBook Pros to iMacs.


Mac Repair

iMac MacBook Repair Pensacola

If your Mac has a cracked screen, or you suspect something even more nefarious is afoot with your computer, let us take a look before you write it off.

For most models, we provide the following repair services:

  • MacBook Screen Replacement

  • MacBook Pro Screen Replacement

  • MacBook Air Screen Replacement

  • iMac Screen Replacement

  • Hard drive replacement & SSD upgrades

  • Water damage & other logic board issues

  • Keyboard, trackpad and port replacements

  • Software upgrades, data transfer and data backup

We fix many other cosmetic issues like damaged cases. We can also work with a wide array of more technical problems like hard drives and memory depending on the machine.


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